Monday, July 16, 2012

Recreating Disney Magic

Who likes Disneyland?? I know I do!

We've had some good times, Sam and I, that were only possible because of Disney. Before we were even dating, we went with a group of friends. I didn't have cash, so Sam paid for my lunch. (That still wasn't a date, Sam!) So I paid for his dinner, despite much complaint and protest. How was I supposed to know he was trying to be charming? At least the story has a happy ending, right?

Point is, Disneyland is one of our favorite places. Our passes are blacked out for the summer, but I thought a little taste of the park would tide us over until we can go again. And it's peanut butter and chocolate, so that makes it so much better!

Peanut Butter Sandwich
from Picky Palate

3 cups chopped chocolate (The recipe I used called for milk chocolate, but I'm a semi-sweet kinda girl!)
1 to 2 tablespoons shortening (Be careful how much you use. You'll make the chocolate taste weird. Also, next time, I think I'll just use peanut butter, like I've done in the past... Much better taste!)
2 cups creamy peanut butter
6 whole graham crackers

First off, cut your graham crackers in half, hamburger style.

Now melt your chocolate and shortening.

Dip each of the 12 graham cracker squares in the chocolate.

I didn't find a way to do this without being messy. So good luck!

Now set them on parchment paper to set for a while. You can toss them in the freezer to speed up the process.

You'll want to fix any bare spots before freezing, though. Like this one:

There! All better.

Once they're nice and set up, you can spread your peanut butter on top.

Back into the freezer they go! You don't want to skip this step, or the peanut butter won't stay in one place as you're spooning the chocolate over it.

Let the chocolate cool a little bit, so it's thicker than when you dipped the graham crackers in.

Once the peanut butter is nice and firm, you can spread the chocolate over the top, like so:

Aaaaand back in the freezer they go! (The reason this is such a time-consuming recipe...) 10 more minutes or so ought to be enough.

Is the chocolate firm yet? Good. :) If you have leftover chocolate, you can drizzle it over the top of the finished product for a snazzy garnish. Use a spoon or cut a tiny hole in a ziploc baggie. Just be careful with the spoon. It's harder to control your drizzle. Like this:

Oops. But it will still taste great (with a slight shortening taste. :S), so the appearance doesn't matter. I'll just give it to Sam.

After the drizzle has hardened, it's time to take a bite!

Make sure to store them in the fridge, to keep it all from melting. You want the peanut butter firm still.

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